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No one can imagine living in the environment in which they have to feel unsafe all the time and does not know how to protect or defend themselves. That’s where self defense techniques comes into play. In order for your survival from any uncertain circumstances, you to learn to defend yourself, and that’s when learning self defense techniques helps you to get through it. It is necessary to prepare yourself from worst at all times.

There is the risk of an attack to anyone at any time of the day. To learn self defense is not only confined to women only but it crucial to people of all age and genders.

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If you are someone who does not have knowledge or experience of self defense techniques, then it is recommended to start learning a few tips. In the guide below you will find tips to get you started learning and practicing self defense techniques even if you are starting at the beginner level.  

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1. Prevention is Above All

There is no need for getting yourself into the situation where you have to be defensive, even if you don’t have to do it. So, what is meant by that is if you can avoid the attack, then there is no need into walking into the danger in the first place. Always believe in your instinct and gut feeling, if something doesn’t look right or feel right then avoid  that situation at all cost.

Even if you know how to defend and fight for yourself, by getting into conflict with someone you may injure yourself or get into legal complications or worse. Always follow the basic safety tips like walk in well-lit areas during the night, when approaching your car always have the keys in your hand and observe what is happening around you.

2. Beware of Your Surroundings

Whenever you leave your house, always beware of your surroundings. It is a good practice to know a little about your neighborhood. If you go for a morning walk, going to work, or even walking your dog. You must observe and know about your surroundings around.

A few ideas when observing your surroundings is to get an idea if someone attacks you what are your exit routes? Always walk with your heads up, rolling your eyes around the area and know your escaping points all the time.

In today’s time most people are always looking at their cell phones. Even if they are walking in the street not knowing about what is going around them. When you stare down your phone you have no idea who is watching you or you don’t know how to escape from any situation. Looking at your phone all the time, even hurts your posture as well. However, if you keep your head up and see your surroundings better you can see any object around which could help you protect yourself.

3. Schedule Your Exercise on Regular Basis

To learn and practice self defense techniques you need to keep track of your fitness by exercising regularly. That does not mean you have to be a pro wrestler or MMA fighter in order to protect yourself. The exercise is needed to maintain your stamina and muscle strength. The morning workout is ideal before you go for work. It keeps you active and stronger throughout your day.

However, you can fit your workout time any time of the day. The idea is to do at that time which suits you the best. In your exercise breakdown, focus on doing cardio, lifting of some weight, you need to take running in your workout regime too if possible.

When you do regular exercise you have trained your body to run fast and far from your attacker. In the fighting back scenario you have built strength in your muscle that when you hit your attacker back it causes them some serious damage.

4. Know Some Vulnerable Areas

In the condition of fighting you have to know certain areas to target. Some areas of the body are sensitive and it makes your opponent fall in a matter of seconds. It is always good to know where to aim your impact when you are fighting back.

If your attacker has control on you, then you don’t have time to attack at the right point towards your opponent. You always have to be fast and know where to hit them. You may or may not know that the most vulnerable parts of the body are on the face like eyes, nose and neck. And on the rest of the body it is groin, knee and legs.

In the fighting back scenario to defend yourself always go to these areas by using your punch, elbows and knees. They have more bone structure present so they are likely to do more damage to your attacker. By exercising and putting weight in these areas of your body you can take your attacker if they are bigger than in size.

5. Know Your Action Plan

If something happens when you have to protect yourself then always keep the plan of action ready at that moment. If you are planning to self defense, then know your aiming areas points on an attacker’s body. In this way you would exactly know how to respond, how to tackle and eventually save yourself from that situation. If you plan accordingly, then you would exactly know where to hit, how to hit and with how much force to apply in your efforts. This practice is learned by training in the self defense class

A self defense class prepares you with enough practice and guidance of an expert who shows exactly what you need to do in these circumstances you grasp it and prepared to fight back to an attacker naturally.   

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6. Leave Certain Items Behind

Your life is priceless and nothing can be compared or replace it. Don’t try to save materialistic items by putting yourself in danger and risking your life. Just let go of things like your car, wallet, purse or something else which is expensive.  Remember, your life is irreplaceable and you should protect it above all anything else.

If the attacker demands your wallet, watch or purse just hand it to them. Your life is not about keeping a wallet or purse. It has a meaning much more than that, you can replace your items and can buy another any time in your life. But you cannot bring your life back and your life means so much to your family and loved ones so always protect and take care of yourself.

The best way is throw the items at the attacker or the robber and save yourself by running in the opposite direction.

7. Carry the Right Tools

By keeping the right tools with you at all times, you are more likely to protect yourself. You can purchase small and handy items at your disposal in your wallet or purse. You can connect with your keychain to always keep in your pocket so you could be able to use it whenever necessary.

Some of these protective items are pocket knives, pepper spray or tasers. These items could be used by anyone and does not require a course or training to begin with. On the other hand, if you want to carry a gun, then you have to qualify for a license and training to use it for self defense.

It does not matter what item you carry, they are all designed to protect yourself from any danger situation that you might fall for. Be sure to carry at least one item with you all the time. As, you may never when you could use a help of these tools to protect yourself.

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8. Speak Up For Yourself & Learn Self Defense Techniques

If you are being attacked always have the courage and speak for yourself. When someone is close to touching loudly tell them to back off. Doing this gets the attention of people in surroundings and they come to help you. When you speak loudly and with an authoritative tone it scares the attacker or the robber to run away from the scene.

If they happen to touch you, shout at them and push them back your action may cause the attacker to fall on the ground or run away from the spot. If they are thinking of an easy prey this shows them you are not an easy target and can fight back effectively.

Although, it does not always scare away the attacker, but it is worth doing it.

9. Knocked Down? Don’t Panic

In most of the cases, women are knocked down quite often in the attempt of an assault. The people who try to assault are only bullies and not a skilled fighter, which makes it you at an advantage as a woman because you can easily eye strike the attacker while on the ground. It is also good to kick them here and there whenever you get the chance.

Use the side kick functions in various scenarios, your legs as a victim are longer than his arms. It makes him expose his body to your counter kicks.

While on the ground, the knee strikes are also effective. When you struggle with your attacker, he won’t be protecting his groin area. When you see an opening strike upward in the crotch area of the attacker. Get up and try to escape the scene whilst the attacker still struggles to get up.

10. Use Simple Self Defense Techniques

No matter which situation are you in, you need to always remember 3 simple fighting techniques that can get out of any trouble safely.

  • Palm Strike. When you hit with an open hand it reduces the chance of a hand injury and it also enables you to attack more easily. When your attacker crosses your comfort zone of personal space. Then you hit the aggressor with an open palm of your hand and he gets right in the face.
  • Knee Strike. This technique is simple and yet quite effective. The strike of the knee should be your first weapon of choice while in a fight. The reason being, it is easy to deliver a knee strike kick while staying close to the ground. When a knee strike hits in the groin area. It ends the fight immediately.
  • Eye Strike. This self defense technique could be used in the standing or prone position. In this you have to strike your fingers into the eyes of the attacker which cause him to back off right away. It also creates a space and time for you to attack with a devastating knee strike or palm strike.
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11. Join a Self Defense Techniques/Training Class

The most beneficial and effective way to learn self defense techniques is to join a training class where you can learn self defense training under the guidance of an expert. There many types like boxing and different types of martial arts.

Do your own research to find what type of self defense class works for yourself or you are personally interested in learning some specific type of self defense technique. By considering this, you can make the best decision for yourself. However, these trainings require physical fitness as well and you realize you are way out of your shape than you thought you were.

Doing cardio is essential for staying in shape, in training sessions, instructors would ask you to warm up before doing self defense training. In this routine not only would you learn self defense techniques, but also keep yourself into shape.

Your trainer will teach you tips and tricks to use your body for your own protection and advantage, no matter how skinny you might think you are. The children can also learn self defense which is a great way to train your kids to defend themselves better from the young age.

Interested in Learning Practical Self Defense Techniques? You Can Start Here

If you are interested in learning self defense in a step by step process all from the comfort of your own home. Then check these amazing video courses, it teaches you the basics of self defense in a fight. Also, gun handling and improving your aim better.

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