Krav Maga Fitness: Can You Become Fit By Learning Krav Maga Techniques?

krav maga fitness

Krav maga fitness and training is a combat style with hand to hand techniques. It is gaining quite a reputation recently in the fitness industry. The reason being is that it’s a total workout including cardio, self defense techniques, and muscle strength training.

The primary function of Krav Maga is to learn self defense to protect yourself and your family with any uncertain circumstances. However by learning Krav Maga training gives you other benefits like burning of calories and building strength.

krav maga fitness

Krav Maga techniques are best and effective form of self defense training in the world. Krav Maga fitness moves are designed for quick adaptation. It is easy to learn, execute and retain. It is a mix of martial arts and tactical system.

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 In order to help you learn Krav Maga fitness we have gathered some tips and techniques below

Why Krav Maga Fitness Is Good for Weight Loss?

If you notice the basic moves involved in Krav Maga then you can see it will give your body an intense workout which allows to in burning more calories and losing weight as compared to all other traditional weight loss exercises out there.

Why does it happen? In Krav Maga techniques the retzev (Hebrew word: means continuous motion) . Which means, the punches and kicks involved in the drills and exercises of Krav Maga are designed to wear you out. The reason behind that is to build stamina and endurance quickly during the combat.

You don’t want to be exhausted in only 3-5 minutes. As, it put you in a very bad position defensively. However, by learning the skills of Krav Maga you are more likely to take down your opponent in the lesser time.

In a combat situation, it is better to be prepared fully than to fail. Because a failure means death. The Krav Maga has lots of military style drills and fitness workout that would test the limits of your physical side. In the military training Krav Maga have an important part comprising of 30-40% of the training requirements of the military.

So, if you are trying to get fit with a healthy lifestyle and learning how to defend yourself in a combat. Then learning Krav Maga is definitely for you.

Example of Losing Weight With Krav Maga

In Krav Maga class, which I took a couple of years ago. There was a man named Anthony, the guy was about 250 lbs when he joined the class. By continuously working on Krav Maga fitness and training he was able to loss about 50 lbs of weight in short span of 2 months. After discussing later with Anthony, it was found that. He was also training at home on regular basis.

Which means that, he was devoted to work out on Krav Maga fitness plan not only through 3 times of classes of couple hours each. But also workout in the home in addition to that.

In six months’ time, Anthony was able to lose more than 150 lbs of weight, and later on becoming the expert at Krav Maga fitness training.

Krav Maga Fitness: Practice Retzev

 Retzev is a kind of exercise in Krav Maga fitness demanding intense motion workout from the body. It’s is the best exercise to build your character and discipline while you train for Krav Maga.

To further explain what happens in a retzev exercise is that you train with 3 partners when you practice retzev. One person while hold the belt from the behind wrapped around your torso, and pulls you back as hard as possible. The second person, on the other side have a punching bag while you attempt to hit it.

krav maga techniques

By performing this exercise, you will be putting effort to try to get close to your punching bag partner to hit it which makes you burn a lot of energy and calories in the process.

The other benefit of practicing retzev is that it makes you quick in your movement of the feet. You can easily take down your opponent with power and fast speed.

It Can Help You to Build Muscles

When you learn Krav Maga it is your ultimate self defense system and can you escape in any uncertain conditions. The intense training associated with learning Krav Maga will help you build and tone your muscles. Let’s examine why does it happens

 The toning of muscles means building of the muscles in such a way that, it has the size and strength in it but it does not look huge and bulky when looked upon.

An example of toned muscle body is the body of athletes or cyclists. The body muscle of athletes are shredded with almost zero fat. They are stronger than the average person.

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A toned muscle have strength and have good supply of oxygen. So, the body do not get fatigued, exhausted and easily cramped. When muscles are toned, it increase the endurance of the body. It also burns the body fat at the same time. Having the toned muscles not makes your body like that of a bulky bodybuilder.

Krav Maga Training: How it Help to Strengthen and Tone Muscles?

When you learn Krav Maga and train daily. There are lot of fatigue drills involved in the training. All the way from basic exercise to working out. To make you great in shape and building your muscle tone.

When you join a Krav Maga class, you can expect to start with warm ups session which makes your heart beat rate at certain level and also increases your breathing. In a progression of events, after the warm ups your exercise gets a little tough as you go through to the other training drills.

The most intense and challenging training is the combat training. In this drill, you are put in a real fight simulation. Like, you are trained by hitting the punching bags by using Krav Maga gear. The combat drills of Krav Maga includes.

  • Punches
  • Elbow Striking
  • Kicks
  • Palm heel striking
  • Knee Striking

Starting out with your training, you practice all your moves by yourself, like throwing punches and kicks around to where your hands can reach. The idea behind this is to develop your posture for the each and every move that you perform.

The next step in the training is to throwing specific Krav Maga punches and kicks on the punching bags. By constantly performing multiple sets on the bag, you challenge and develop your muscles at the same time.

This type of training would help you achieve the aggression and power that your body can achieve and can deploy it also whenever it needed. When you work continually in the training you improve your self defense skills every day which as result will strengthen and tones your muscles.

Although you will see an increase in the size of your muscles moderately. However, these exercise are only designed for building strength of your muscle, not to bulk up your muscles.

krav maga self defense

Whenever, you train and use your muscles it burns the fat. Therefore, it helps to increase the muscle tones by burning the fat constantly. So, you are left with toned muscled body like an athlete.

What Does Krav Maga Training Do to Your Body?

If you want to build strength, increase stamina or want to achieve any other fitness goal possible. Then, Krav Maga is the best solution. It helps not only in gaining a fitness level but also the self defense system for your protection.

The Krav Maga is the entire combat hand-to-hand system, which helps to take down the enemies as fast as possible. In training for Krav Maga you use your entire body which acts as a weapon for you to defend yourself and overcome on your enemy.

In Krav Maga fights, you will learn to punch kicks, elbow strikes, punches and blocks and your technique and precision will be progressive. As you improve yourself by taking classes and intense workout routine. Through Krav Maga skills, you can be a highly skilled fighter. To take down your opponent in no time.

When training for Krav Maga, a person can burn 500-800 calories per hour on average. If you look at the number, it is already an excellent workout itself. The fats burn at high level rate. You are only left with muscles gain. It makes your body toned as result.

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Your body learns the muscle memory in Krav Maga fitness training. You become quick to perform remarkable maneuvers to take down your opponent in less time and develop your own unique fighting technique.

In order to develop a strength and speed to take down your opponent effectively. The Krav Maga fitness training and workout would help you have more muscle mass which is pivotal in a one-to-one combat with your opponent.

What are the benefits?

 It is an excellent way to lose weight as it involve high intensity training which boost your stamina and build your muscle strength. When you train in Krav Maga it helps you to make your mind and body strong in any condition.

To understand the components of best self defense. It contains of 3 essential things which are:

  1. A fighting technique (which is effective and possible to perform in real life)
  2. A Strong Mindset (a passion and will to survive)
  3. A Physical Fitness

That means a fitness level is necessary and crucial for your survival in fight or even in wild outdoors.

To conclude that, knowing of the Krav Maga skills is only half of the battle. It does not matter how good you are in performing those in a controlled environment. It only matters when are able to apply in the real life scenario under the circumstances in which you need to defend yourself.

In the training of combat sports, each team have the fighters of equal or almost equal weights to make the fight fair or competent.

But when you are on the streets, there is not a fair battle with any rules. In a one-to-one fight it will be difficult for you if the opponent is bigger and heavier than you. You would be at disadvantage.

In a real life and straight up fight, the size and strength does not always guarantee a victory. The speed, technique and skills guarantee a victory and that exactly what you learn in the Krav Maga training. You will always outsmart your opponent with your skills.

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