Fighting Stances Explained – Everything Thing You Need To Know

fighting stance

Have you ever wondered what are different stances are? Well, to explain it in simple words it is a style for showing your opponent that you are ready for the move. It’s a unique way for each individual, your fighting stance maybe different from mine and it does not matter at the end of the day which fighting stance is better. If your martial arts techniques are good enough.

Fighting Stance Meaning

The fighting stances are the initial point in any martial arts movement. If you want to perform at your best. It is necessary to discover, understand and master your fighting stances in a one to one combat with an opponent.

You might be wondering, how important the fighting stance is at the end of the day? Do you even need to a have a fighting stance? In this article we are going to walk you through everything from positioning of the arms feet and torso and your head. By having a good fighting stance you will be able to strike and defend yourself in a one-to-one combat situations. By applying these techniques you are going to learn the importance of a good fighting stance.

Remember in a one to one combat your goal is to not hit the opponent as hard as you can but it is to do it in a way that whenever you make a move. It not only weakens the position of your opponent but also gives you the advantage at the same time by strengthening your own position.

How to Get In the Fighting Stance Pose?

The stance you choose is your foundation in the combat martial arts fighting. A good stance allows you to make the move more powerfully and effortlessly. It also smooth your moves and counter moves you make on the opponent. Most of beginners like to copy the fighting stances of their idols like MMA fighter Khabib or Boxer Muhammad Ali. It is not good idea to copy because they have almost perfected their fighting stance by practicing countless hours in the gym. The best practice is to get in the stance that suits your own style which allows you to give the edge on the opponents from your strengths and improving your weaknesses at the same time.

1. Positioning Your Arms For Defense

In the fighting stance the position of your arms are important. The arms are the first and only way to defend yourself from the opponent’s strikes. Your arms help to defend your face and body strikes. To get into the fighting stance lose your fists and curl in the front of your face. For having the good stance your dominant arm should be closer to your body and the non-dominant arm needs to be slightly in the front of the body.

The other tip to keep in mind is to keep your elbows close to your body. When you spread your elbows sideways from the body. This discourages your opponent to strike the kick on your body from the sides.

2. Positioning Your Torso Correctly

The key to keep your torso in the correct position is when you are standing twist your shoulders slightly. When you keep your body at this position, then your opponent have less surface area for the strike on your body. It means that have converted your body into a smaller target for your opponent to make the attack. Also, do focus on keeping your back straight and stomach muscles tighter. It is necessary to maintain your balance of your fighting stance. When you are in this position, slightly bend your knees and transfer your weight behind to test your balance

The important part of this practice is to make your stomach muscles tight. You can have 2 types of benefits

This helps improving your balance in your fighting stance

It also can help you protect your stomach when you get hit. As, the hit on the relaxed muscle is more painful.

3. Positioning of your head for Defense

The head movement and placement is important for your fighting stance. The proper positioning of your head would help you to focus better and defend yourself in the fight. To learn the head position, keep your mouth closed and your chin down.

When you keep your chin down, it helps you to make the sensitive bones in the eyes and nose area protected and keeps your opponent away to reach those areas. Keep in mind, to close your mouth in the fighting stance position because if you open your mouth a hard stroked punch from your opponent would result in broken teeth or severe jaw injuries. You have to maintain your composure and discipline even if the opponent is cursing or insulting you. Also, protect your face with your fists all the time.

By keeping quiet have other benefits too, when you stay quiet even in the tense situations it makes you confident in the eyes of the opponent. In some cases it forces them to quit the fight eventually.

4. Positioning Your Feet Correctly

Your feet are the roots of your body. Therefore, your movement, a solid balance is the foundation of the great fighting stance. If you have good balance on your feet then you will be hard individual to get knocked down easily by the efforts of your opponent.

For correct positioning of your feet. The first step is to extend the non-dominant foot towards the opponent. The second step is to rotate the other leg towards your body. The goal is to point your knees and toes towards the side of the opponent. Now, extend the dominant feet about the shoulder width length apart.

The distribution of weight should equal on both feet. It is always a good practice to raise the heel of your feet. When you raise your heel it helps to make quick movements and you strike more quickly. It also helps you to keep alert of your opponent movements.

You have to stand and stand on the balls of your feet. Otherwise, it will make you slower than your opponent.

fighting stance

Types of Fighting Stances

There are different type of fighting stances each is unique to the type of martial arts with varying techniques in all of the styles. In order to perfect your fighting stance you have to apply the technique according to the type of the fighting style.

The stance is basically the mix of defensive and offensives movements. Each martial arts have varying movements, techniques and therefore varying fighting stances. Let’s look at the stances of various martial arts.

Boxing Stance

The boxing is probably the most famous and oldest combat sports out there. The fighting stance of boxing is rather easy to understand. The game of boxing is not only to keep punching at each other in hopes of who falls and get knocked out first.

The legs are more important than the arms in the game of boxing. The footwork makes the foundation of a strong and effective punch. A good and quick footwork is the important part of the game. If you are interested in learning the boxing stance then you have to master your footwork game.

Orthodox Stance (Best Fighting Stance for Right-handed)

This stance is the most basic and common type of boxing stance. Almost all right handers use this stance who use their right hands for the power punches. Since in the game of boxing is not about taking the kicks. The players of orthodox stance keeps their dominant leg in the front

In this stance, the fight will not be in the straight line rather they are turned at the 45 degrees angle towards the right side.

fighting stance southpaw or orthodox

Southpaw Stance

In a southpaw stance of boxing. The fighter have right hand and right foot in a forward direction. It helps the fighter with the right jabs. The southpaw is the common stance for the left handers. It is a mirror image for the orthodox stance. However, it is adopted by lefthanders and vice versa.

Orthodox vs Southpaw – Which is Better?

In an orthodox stance, a fighter stands with having the left foot in front and right foot at the back. While in southpaw stance, you stand with right foot at front and left foot in the back. As most fighters have orthodox fighting stance. The southpaw stance person have more experience against the orthodox fighter. Due to this advantage, it helps the person with southpaw stance to win more fights against the orthodox opponents. Even, if there are less skillful and slower.

fighting stance pose

Movement of Feet in the Boxing Stance

In the boxing fighting stance you will need to move your feet around the fighting ring. The way you move your foot will decide which way your body will be move in that particular direction.

If you want to move in the forward direction, the leading leg moves first and the back leg follows. If you want to move backwards, the back leg moves first and your front leg follows afterwards.

MMA Fight Stance

The fighting stances that MMA fighters follow are different and it’s a mixture of every fight stance out there. All the way from MMA, boxing or Muay Thai. Each fighter have a unique fighting stance from various type of martial arts. The challenge of the MMA fight is the risk of being taken down in the ground.

All the above mentioned fighting styles have the required training sessions and techniques that fighter have to follow through.

Muay Thai Fighting Stance

The Muay Thai is like a boxing stance, but it involves kicks. You would realize that legs kicks could get hurt a lot. Your leading in the Muay Thai stance will be a target for the low kick strike from your opponent.

street fighting stance

How to Get in Muay Thai Fighting Stance?

In the Muay Thai fighting style, your front foot will be facing directly. To get into a proper stance you need to keep back foot flat on the ground. And keep staying on the ball of front foot. This would help you in blocking the kicks and on the body and legs.

The other important part of the stance is you want to keep your hands on the eyebrow level. This would help you block any kicks or elbow that might come towards you during the combat. The other advantage is that by keeping your hands at that level you can easily throw knees and can clinch the opponent effectively.

What is the Best Fighting Stances in a Street Fight for Self Defense?

In a street fight, the more skills you have at your disposal. The better off you would be for your self defense. For the boxing, it will be effective for quicker strikes on the target.

If we talk about MMA, the smaller person can beat the bigger person by taking on the ground. If on the streets, someone who is not capable of MMA fights. The other guy with the MMA skills, can beat him without even causing the serious damage that might even end up in a jail time risk. The fighter with MMA capabilities wins every time of the fight.

The Muay Thai fight wins 9 times out to 10 to boxing. If the boxing guy is quick he could damage first and wins. But in the fight with the group of people. You might find yourself in the trouble.

One thing to keep in mind, that fighting out should be the last option for you as a person on the streets. Someone who starts a fight, are usually the people who cannot fight or new to the fighting world. They take training way too much upon themselves and end up fighting in the streets.

Do not use violence, and cause damage to the person physically. No matter how bad they might step out of the line. That is our advice to you in life. However, if someone attacks you and your life is in danger that go ahead to defend yourself at any cost. Even, if the attacks comes from the person weaker than you. Always protect yourself and your family.

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