It is safe to say that Airsoft activities have significantly grown in popularity. Are you a beginner looking for the best airsoft games? If so, then we have compiled a variety of captivating and attractive games. Some of the games we’ll mention here include: Medic, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Sniper, and King of the Hill.



Medic is a large scale game whose main aim is using team denominations or deathmatch. The distinguishing factor is that the medic is unarmed or in some cases only given a pistol. The individual also has no extra ammo to either receive or carry from other airsoft players. If one person is shot, then they need to lay down and stay down!

In such a situation, then the medic is called to heal the fallen player after which he or she gets back into the game. Teams should always protect the doctor from other teams because once he is shot; he cannot come back to life. In case the medic is ‘killed’ the game still goes on without any medical attention meaning that your ‘fallen’ team player will not come back to life.


Team Deathmatch

The game is commonly referred to as TDM, and it’s a basic way to engage in airsoft gaming activities. Two teams compete against each other, and once you get shot, you need to return to the point of respawning. Also as a player, you need to take record of your ‘kill’ count. The team with more ‘kills’ wins!


Capture the Flag

Two teams compete against each other where both attempt to take the other’s flag and bring it back to their base. Each team’s colors shouldn’t be hidden, but instead, they should be put in an open area. The team which collects the most flags wins!


King of the Hill

A section of the airsoft players hides in an open area or a hill, and the other players act as the attackers. To win, you have to get closer to a flag which stands on top of the hill. At the end of the game, the team which is closest to that flag on the hill is the winner!



Here, there is a player handed a sniper bolt/rifle and a period of two minutes to seek refuge. The rest of the airsoft players should then look for him. Once he is found, he’s shot, after which he has to be taken back to the checkpoint. However, the sniper can still run away. For him to lose, he has to be shot a second time, but if he manages to hide for more than two seconds, the game begins all over again.



So, which game works best for you? Remember that the sole purpose of engaging in airsoft events is to have the best bit of fun. For team building exercises, as a company chief executive officer, you’ll need to choose the game that engages in all workers. It is our hope that you’ll have the best time on the field!