Airsoft has gained popularity in recent times. It’s an activity similar to paintball, but the only difference is its practical nature. It’s quite easy to distinguish and identify a paintball gun. The rifles have a large hopper which holds the paintballs and with many of them, you’ll find a sizeable air tank. Airsoft guns are not to be confused with air guns, which you can find for sale at the Air Gun Zone.

However, such is not the case when it comes to an airsoft gun. These devices are realistic imitations of the modern day hand guns. They are not designed to look like the real guns. Instead, they are their replicas. They also come in different varieties such as rifles, sniper rifles, and hand guns. Here, we are going to discuss the best airsoft guns in 2017 and with the hope that you’ll find one which best suits your needs and requirements.


Stunt Studios 998 C02 – Dvd And Pistol

The device is known to shoot projectiles at a shocking speed of 410 feet per second. It is a real firearm which uses gas power. You can customize it to the best of your ability including adding a flashlight or any other accessory.


  • Powered by carbon (iv) oxide
  • BBs and gas are both in the magazine
  • It has a safety lever that is simple to manipulate
  • It also has a DVD of stuntman Kyle Woods



  • It comes with a small capacity magazine
  • Some people claim that it’s very light as it feels somewhat less than 410fps


Wingun 4 Revolver Of 70IS

All good gun collections wouldn’t be complete without a revolver. Although most of them do not have many rounds as compared to a magazine gun, they are quite efficient and reliable. The manner in which a ‘normal’ revolver gun operates is the same as using a similar airsoft firearm. Besides, you’ll need to load each bb separately.



  • It has a speed loader
  • Comes with a scope rail
  • It also has a barrel and metal frame for an improved realistic feel



  • Fewer rounds on the revolver holder



Wg 80ibs Panther

This is a metal bodied airsoft gun with a realistic feel and weight. It has a 15-round magazine which allows you to unleash 6mm BBs once you pull the trigger quickly.



  • Metal construction for an improved weight and feel
  • 15-round gun magazine
  • Although it is small in size, it offers a luxurious rail of accessories



  • Consumes a lot of CO2


The Colt 1911

The device is a reliable firearm for those who prefer having a high-quality full-size handgun. The military used to offer such guns back in the early 20th century.



  • Metal construction so it has better feel and realistic weight
  • Comes with a 15-round magazine



  • It’s a large gun which may not properly fit in your hands


Umarex P99 Walther 2262020

If you’ve shot a Walther pistol of whichever caliber, its comfortability is something that should be admired! Such is transferred to this full quality airsoft firearm available at Maple Airsoft Supply in Canada. It’s a 15-round magazine which fires 6mm BBs at about 120ft once you pull the trigger.



  • Officially licensed to resemble the actual model entirely
  • 15-round gun magazine




  • Its polymer material makes it a light gun



The above airsoft firearms are sure to rock your year as you take part in different airsoft activities. Once you visit your gaming programs, ensure you’ve carried one with you. For an up to date buying guide, please check out this article on airsoftpal.

Among the five firearms listed above, which one matches your specific requirements?