Author: George Mills

Our Favourite Airsoft Game Types

It is safe to say that Airsoft activities have significantly grown in popularity. Are you a beginner looking for the best airsoft games? If so, then we have compiled a variety of captivating and attractive games. Some of the games we’ll mention here include: Medic, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Sniper, and King of the Hill.   Medic Medic is a large scale game whose main aim is using team denominations or deathmatch. The distinguishing factor is that the medic is unarmed or in some cases only given a pistol. The individual also has no extra ammo to either...

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Airsoft Accessories Gear Guide

Have you purchased your airsoft firearms? Wondering what to do to fit in the extra magazines? Well, it is time to get some new gear. The challenge is it’s rather difficult to know what exactly you need to buy. Different people have various needs depending on the position that they play, the environment and the frequency at which they play. Besides, your age and weight also play a huge role. So, how do you arrive at these critical decisions?   Step 1: The Role You Play Is Equal to the Gun You Want To Buy The role you pay...

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Best Airsoft Guns In 2017

Airsoft has gained popularity in recent times. It’s an activity similar to paintball, but the only difference is its practical nature. It’s quite easy to distinguish and identify a paintball gun. The rifles have a large hopper which holds the paintballs and with many of them, you’ll find a sizeable air tank. Airsoft guns are not to be confused with air guns, which you can find for sale at the Air Gun Zone. However, such is not the case when it comes to an airsoft gun. These devices are realistic imitations of the modern day hand guns. They are...

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What Are Milsim Events?

Are you looking to further your airsoft universe? If so, then milsim events are arguably the next step you need to try. The term is the short form for Military Simulation and is meant to provide airsoft lovers with the best combat experience.   Milsim Events and Airsoft Games While other types of airsoft events focus on tactics, patience, and skill to be successful, MilSim activities are a little bit different. Here, they go further and cover the incorporation of more realistic military-specific authentic battlegrounds and events. Also while there are some airsoft games such as King of the...

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About Us

Hi, we’re Frontier Spot.

We’re a group of friends who share a passion for airsoft. We met during a skirmish at Section 8 airsoft in Scotland and have been good mates since. Our love for airsoft made us start our own website, sharing what we know with the airsoft community and hopefully encouraging more people to take part in our sport!

Frontier Spot is owned by George Mills, Henry Finch and Lucas Mitchell. We all have full time jobs and spend much of our free time playing airsoft and managing this blog together. If you found something interesting about one of our posts, we’d love it if you commented and let us know your thoughts!

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